Findability Germany is helping the Norwegian startup BoldBooks!

BooldBoks is a Norwegian startup with a very interesting concept that has been quite successful in Norway. They are now interested in testing out some larger markets, like the german one with over 82 million people living there. In order for them to have a better foundation to make a decision about entering the german market or not, Findability Germany was hired to do market research for BoldBooks.

What is BoldBooks?

BoldBooks is a self-service solution for authors that wants to go their own way. Our vision is to become the author’s first choice when deciding to give out a book. Our goal is to give the authors bigger ownership to their books, without using to much time and energy. By gathering all the steps when it comes to producing a book in one place, this becomes a reality. The authors can then focus on what’s really important, which is writing.

BoldBooks is a tech company and are developing a platform that connects authors and other suppliers of author services. Here you can find all the services you need in order to develop, produce, market and sell your own book. You control the entire process and all the rights and profit from the sales goes directly to you.

If you are considering entering the international markets or are experiencing that the help you get today isn’t good enough or too expensive, then you should contact Tom Martinsen at or by calling +47 924 93 220.