Traffic analysis, technical analysis, competitor analysis, content analysis

To make sure that we can help you in the best possible way, we always do our analysis carefully before taking further actions. This way we can reveal what challenges we have to work with, so we can do our job in an effective and targeted way.

A good analysis is decisive to achieve good results. Some companies can be really good at the optimization itself, but it doesn’t matter that much if you’re not sure what needs to be optimized. Findability is the best in SEO, and we need to be the best in the market when it comes to analysis. We must know, not believe, what challenges you’ve got. We want to know where things get difficult, and what needs to be prioritized. When we are doing an analysis, you will get a firsthand insight and a good foundation for further process.

Traffic analysis

A good traffic analysis can be very valuable. When you have a web page you need to know everything about your visitors, and also those who do not visit. To gain full control over your webpage and every visitor, a traffic analysis is important. A traffic analysis enables you to get an overview of where the traffic comes from, how long they are on your web page, and where they are geographically.

Findability is using the best tools to give your company a valuable insight of your web page traffic. We report necessary number analysis sorted on important trigger points that gives a completely necessary overview.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is done to find out if Google is punishing or downgrading your webpage. Many choose to optimize their webpage to make it look good visually, and for the content to be relevant and good. But if Google finds technical problems with the webpage, it can stop you from getting the positions you would otherwise receive on Google. Google “pushes” the web page results further down. We help you find out if you are punished by Google and how you achieve the trust to get better placements on Google.


How good is your placement compared to your competitors? Do your competitors get all valuable traffic from Google, while you end up with nothing? Then we will make an analysis of your competitors. With our analytic tools, we will give you an overview of your biggest competitors on Google. At the same time, we also make sure how you are ranged, and we monitor competitors’ placements. This gives us important insight and foundation of the trigger points that makes better placements for you, and in relation to your competitors. At the same time, we will know what focus areas that need to be prioritized.

Content analysis

Content analysis is potentially the most important of all analyses. Several companies spend a lot of money on a good website and design but neglect the content itself. The result is that Google views your website as irrelevant to searchers. Some websites may have too little content, while others have more chaotic content with the lack of overview. Both can be equally detrimental to visibility.

Content has become very important, and it is clear that the companies in the market understand this. But at the same time, many do not have a good action plan for what kind of content they need, which often results in poorly produced content. With good content, you can control your own visibility and how relevant the pages are to searchers for your services or products. Findability’s content analysis gives a complete status of the website in the present, either you have enough and correct content, as well as what changes in content should be made for optimization.