Strategy, creative process, content, ads

Within social media, there are a number of opportunities to communicate with relevant markets and customers. More than 2.41 billion monthly users are active on social media like Facebook. Findability delivers all types of social media services that make the business visible to defined audiences and create a dynamic brand in defined markets.

In social media, a strategy is important. Who is the audience? What promise of value should you deliver? What is the goal through social media? Social media is a tool for a digital strategy, where you have to bring traffic to your own website to convert users to paid customers.

I sosiale medier, som alt annet, er det viktig med en strategi. Hvem er målgruppen? Hvilket verdiløfte skal man levere? Hva er målsettingen igjennom sosiale medier? Sosiale medier er et verktøy for en overordnet digital strategi, hvor man skal trekke trafikk til eget nettsted for å konvertere brukere til betalte kunder.

Creative and editorial content

With strategy and a targeted audience as a base, Findability builds creative and editorial content to engage users to visit the site and build a brand. Before the content is produced, a creative process is needed to find the best stories and points of communication. Pictures say more than 1000 words, and videos even more. We provide all kinds of visual content; Text, image, and video.

The importance of social media for SEO

Social engagement is also important in terms of search engine optimization. Google knows the value of good communication on social channels and rewards it with better visibility in its search network. For Google, social media has been an important success for a long time, and this will continue into the future.


The goal of social media is to generate traffic from potential customers from relevant markets, through social media to your website. Using blogs as an active tool in social media ensures ownership of the content, communicates relevance and credibility and creates a hub on their own website that gives an opportunity for conversion.

Social media ads

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is an effective tool for generating conversions in social channels. Put great tools together with Findability’s broad expertise and you have the perfect combo to achieve good results from social advertising.

Findability plans and produces content that provides increased visibility and credibility in social media.