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Content has become a leading concept in the digital sphere and is experienced as something new, but content marketing has always been there. It is the importance of what’s being communicated and how the content that is now communicated has become more important

Content produced must be relevant, informative and entertaining, and at the same time SEO-optimized. Content is fresh and frequent publishing is optimal, as well as up-to-date content will be prioritized by Google.

Content marketing should be used as a strategic element to achieve the desired goal. The digital channels in everyday life set the premises for how the consumer collects information and acts on it. The consumer changes patterns of purchasing very quickly and relates to the outside world in new ways. You share personal experiences and absorb communication quickly and efficiently. Similarly, B2B also relies to a much greater extent than previously on digital dialogue and transactions.

Creativity will always be a winner and we are hungry for the subtle moments of everyday life. Creative content with good texts, pictures and videos makes the website more interesting and recruits good ambassadors for sharing and good publicity. One should certainly not undermine a good creative process with strategic and targeted outlets in relevant channels. Findability has a broad and competent professional environment that values creativity as a base for good campaigns and content references.

Video and YouTube

All research shows that video is one of the most important media to focus on in today’s digital world. Video is a very effective way of capturing the attention of your website visitors and can be used on other social media accounts such as YouTube.

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, beaten only by Google. When YouTube is owned by Google, you understand how important it is to be visible in both places. You get a lot of free money by having an optimized account on YouTube. At the same time, the competition is not as big on YouTube so far. With a good plan and well-produced content, you can quickly compete among the top videos.

Physical meeting places in a digital every-day life

One of the main areas of marketing that is growing rapidly and even more integrated into the digital everyday life is physical meeting places (events, events, in-store, trade shows, etc.). This marketing channel where people physically meet each other is growing rapidly and is becoming more and more important in everyday life with digital communication only. A meeting place together with digital aids has a huge impact on the choices we make whether it is B2C or B2B.

But the digital communication platforms we use also have a need to reinforce our own message or product to create credibility and relevance. A meeting place is an efficient and smart way to create security. In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect with internal and external influencers (ambassadors), expand your social network and establish a stronger relationship between product and consumer or buyer.

Findability has a very competent and strong professional environment that is good at thinking about comprehensive communication. A digital solution and visibility will always meet a physical world. Insight and analytical tools will help a brand to get the right strategic conditions to penetrate the market in the best possible way. By also working with the brand conceptually, creatively and strategically, we will find the best overall solution regardless of outlet, platform and channel. For one must be able to see different solutions and platforms in a total image for branding and products.

Ideas and creative work

When creating content for a website it is, of course, important to be relevant. But it is also allowed to entertain. We want to give the user a good experience and also a wish to come back to the website. It is therefore important to combine relevant information with lighter material that can be more entertaining. Content that is relevant, interesting and entertaining should be good enough to be shared on social media.

Many people work on social media content without using it on their own websites. This is a disadvantage as it’s the content you own on your own web site that provides maximum visibility on Google.

It is also important that the content you create can have a multichannel utilization and it becomes less resource demanding and easier if the content is designed as a part of the web pages. Findability advises and develops content with you to preserve both visibility on Google as well as the user experience.


A picture says more than 1000 words. Good images used on the website, that shows who you are, will increase the quality, personalizes and creates credibility for the recipient. In our digital everyday life, it is increasingly important to show genuinely who you are, something you can do by using good and professional pictures taken by a photographer. Instead, use resources on your own photographer rather than impersonally paid stock photos to get images that are relevant and credible and that shows who you really are. Our photographers are professional and understand the strategic choices you make using high-quality photos.

Identity design and usability

Design in its broad concept is extremely important. As a user, we are concerned with aesthetics, user experience, nice things, comfortable environments, and eye-catching elements. But design should also help us into good user experience with intuitive design and clear structure for how to navigate through a website regardless of platform or the patterns of movement in a store or both. We shall easily be guided through a good information architecture with the support of good design. Universal design applies especially to digital platforms, but can also be incorporated into other elements where one needs to be informative on the user’s premises.

Although we focus a lot on SEO and the technicalities of a website, we know that good design and usability are very important. A user must experience the website as simple, personal and intuitive and therefore we also focus a lot on design. In this way, we ensure that the customer gets a website that is technically correct, has a good design, is user-friendly and at the same time optimized for Google. Findability provides the complete solution for websites that hold these moments.


Companies and organizations must relate to and communicate in social media, it must be done professionally and in a credible way.

A blog can be an important tool and a good channel for the market in which you operate. On a blog, you have the opportunity to take ownership of your market and focus on issues that are important in your own position. In addition, you can be more up-to-date and more informal than on regular websites.

A blog can address topics with less business-oriented angles. Some call this corporate human capital. It is also possible to release external and other ambassadors on a blog. In a blog, it is easier to be more entertaining, which makes it more reader-friendly and it is easier to share and link a blog in social media. With the proper integration of a blog, all content and links will help your site rank higher on Google. As part of our area of expertise, Findability develops blogs and blog concepts, we can help with content and relevant themes.


A podcast is your own radio station. Here you bring the themes to life, and because the listener downloads the podcast, the listener is also genuinely interested in the content. This will provide a strong link between the communicator and the recipient. Unlike written blog content, which must be read, or even videos that require the audience to sit and watch, a podcast listener only needs to tap play and listen. The podcast is also very mobile-friendly and the content can be consumed while on the move, whether at the gym, in the car, relaxing at home or elsewhere.

Podcasting is associated with very little competition and you have great opportunities to take ownership of the theme, and with the low competition, it is far easier to make your podcast stand out and get listeners. By 2021, the number of podcast listeners is expected to be doubled.