SEO lectures, workshops, courses in SEO analysis tools

Knowledge is power! In digital marketing, it is also important to keep up with developments. The world is moving forward very quickly, and without enough insights and knowledge, it is easy to make the wrong decisions. Often you need both major lectures and one-on-one conversations with experts to stay oriented.

Internal company lectures

Findability will gladly hold corporate internships in digital marketing or, more generally, marketing communications. Whether it’s a large assembly or just a few selected, we are happy to make an arrangement that fits you.


Workshops can be the ideal way to move forward in a project or to learn new elements. Findability is happy to take part in both small and larger projects to create a new drive in projects that may have stopped a bit or where you are a little unsure of further progress, or where you just need a refill of expertise and analysis tools.

Training in analysis tools

There is over 10 analytics tools one can use in the context of SEO. If you want an in-depth course in one of them or more superficial knowledge in more, we are happy to provide you with trainers and speakers. From time to time, we also hold free SEO seminars that are published on our blog.

Feel free to take contact and we will see what is right for you.