Search, display, video, shopping

Google Ads makes it possible to customize both ads and target audience and you will get complete control over your budget at all times. To rank at the top of the search field or for the banner ad to appear, you must win the auction for the ad.

This is calculated based on the relevance and quality of the ads, called “quality score”, multiplied by what you offer. In order to achieve a good quality score, having a good foundation for SEO is an advantage. If the landing page is not optimized you will not achieve as high a quality score. Good SEO and ads are compatible, and optimized content is a sign of quality for your ad to achieve the best possible result with your budget. Google AdWords is performance-based, so the costs are based on the results.

Goals of conversion

The conversion goal of the campaigns is the most important and at all times you will see how much the ads are actually worth, as long as the conversions are measurable. A conversion can be a purchase, an email registration, or a completed form.

Search ads

Search ads are the best option when reaching out to searchers in the Google search engine. The ads that show up in the organic searches are search ads. You have the option to implement various ad extensions such as call extensions or additional links that send users to specific relevant pages of the site. Like all Google ads, it is possible to choose who sees the ads within geographic and demographic audiences.

Display ads

Display advertising is the best option when you want visual exposure. The banner ads appear in everything from relevant blogs or online newspapers that are part of Google’s network. As an example; selling protein bars and other exercise-related supplements, the optimal place to show up on the Google Display Network will be popular exercise blogs with a lot of traffic from potential customers.

Video ads

Video advertising is ads on YouTube and websites who are Google partners. The most common formats are Trueview, Instream and Discovery. They appear before, in the middle of, or after a video playback. Google only take charges when users interact with the ad, (interaction means “see at least 30 seconds,” “see it finished,” or “click on it”). The user is either sent to a specific landing page or their own YouTube channel. Over 80% of all YouTube views take place on mobile devices and you have the opportunity to advertise with video ads via apps on your mobile phone or tablet.

Shopping ads

If you do retail and want to find people with great customer potential, you can use shopping ads to promote your inventory on Google’s network and increase the traffic to your website or physical store. These ads are more than just text ads. Users can see an image of the product as well as a headline, a price, a store name and more. Users get a good impression of the product before clicking on the ad, and the opportunity increases significantly for potential customers.


Regardless of the type of ad you choose, in order to achieve optimally mobile-friendly ads, it is important to set up your own mobile-specific campaigns. Mobile devices have the most traffic, are growing the most, and is the only way to
advertise in ads that are part of Google.