Communication strategy, digital strategy, SEO strategy, content strategy

Where are we and where do we want to be? What is our goal? Should we build brand, improve our reputation or just increase the sales? What should be communicated, where to communicate and how should it be communicated? Have we done a cost/benefit assessment? Which channels should be prioritized with the financial and human resources available?

The strategy work today requires a great deal of insight, collection of data, careful market assessments and, not least, collaboration with partners with the right professional expertise who use a wide range of analytical tools that gives a foundation of creating a strategy.

Communication strategy

Most organizations have a strategy of what they want to communicate. The strategy tells which position you wish to take and which position you are able to take. You have evaluated your own differentiation against the competitors, as well as the credibility of what you communicate. But you may not have taken into account the necessary changes to the strategy in the light of the digital evolution we find ourselves in. How should you communicate in the future, how do you wish to appear, and how do the competition change? Should the business keep the same values as before, or should you make some changes in order to adapt to a new everyday life? Findability helps you review any changes that need to be updated and optimized, now as well as in the future.

Digital strategy

Many find it hard orienting themselves in the jungle of the digital channels that exist today. A number of experts tell us that almost everything is important. Everything is not as important. Perhaps the most important strategy on digital surfaces is to prioritize and sort out the channels that are irrelevant for you, and rather be good in those. You should carefully consider your recourses to get an overview of what is relevant to be involved in. If you also use tools for targeting results about what works and not, you have come a long way. Findability helps you make difficult priorities based on analytical tools and professional assessments.

SEO strategy

In the struggle for new customers, there is one digital tool that cannot be ignored, and that is visibility on search engines like Google. Without a good and targeted SEO-Strategy, you have no digital strategy.

More and more people want to obtain the information they need to make their choices and not be pushed on ads from digital advertising services that basically “follows” you from one digital media to another.

To be prominent on Google you need better control over your own website, which is actually the tool for good visibility on Google. Google’s ranking on keywords is what makes new customers find you as they search for products and information.

Social media and digital ads can drive traffic to the website, but very often you can see that the bounce rate can be pretty high, simply because you fall into something that’s not as interesting for you. We have worked within SEO strategy for almost 20 years with many complex projects and have the foremost expertise in Norway.

Content and keyword strategy

To be visible on Google with the desired communication, products or services, you need to create a content strategy. What to write about, how to write and what keywords is most important for your visibility? Images and video is becoming more and more important. Always keep in mind that Google wants to show the results they find most relevant for its users. The more knowledge you can bring to their users, the higher priority your websites will get on Google.

But it takes a bit of work before you start filling the websites with content. After all, you have a goal for users to get more information about what you wish to convey. The problem is often that you cannot see this from the outside as an external user. One can often get lost in one’s own language. It’s helpful to have a partner who knows how Google works, to build the strategy with you.