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What you choose of CMS (publishing solution) and how web pages and blogs are integrated is important for technical SEO and visibility on Google. Findability helps with SEO and visibility on most CMS platforms

Findability’s core business is digital marketing communications consulting and content production for websites, social media, and other digital platforms, as well as search engine optimization of websites independent of CMS. Findability has developers and in-depth knowledge about WordPress and can help with all, or parts of the development if needed.

At Findability, we will always provide objective advice and guidance that gives the best visibility for the customer based on the resources available for the customer

Advisors when choosing CMS/publishing solutions

In the jungle of consultants, suppliers and publishing solutions, Findability can be an external advisor to find the CMS solution that provides the best visibility. We are objective and we have the technical expertise needed to guide the customers to the right choice and we are happy to design a requirements specification.

The costumers’ technical advisor against technical environments

Often, the gap between the customer’s expertise and the external technical environment is so big that it is challenging to know how SEO-friendly a CMS solution is, as well as to reveal problems that might have occurred over time. In such cases, Findability can act as a representative to ensure that your visibility requirements are followed.

Search engine optimization of new web pages

Search engine optimization is a separate subject and not an automatic part of a CMS solution. If you do not get a differentiated offer from a SEO service provider, you should be on guard. Perhaps the most important area for an SEO agency, such as Findability, is to analyze and advise before a new web solution is published. Starting with optimization after a re-launch or the establishment of a new web solution will be expensive and complicated. Findability is ready to be a partner, even if design and programming are provided by other suppliers.